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Please find the results for recent competitions listed below. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch

Winter Open Results (27th December 2018)

1st Place – Andrew Hobson, Darryl Wright, Sean Moyser & Andrew Hallas (Willow Valley GC) = 95 pts

2nd Place – Keith Barnes, K. Stanham, T. Horton & B. Kitching = 93 pts

3rd Place – Pete Mitchell, Duncan Carmichael, Ian Smith & Jerome Murden = 91 pts (back 9 of 49 pts)


Nearest the Pin (7th)                      – Jon Rennard     (50 inches)         

Longest Drive / Men’s (10th)         – Pete Mitchell

Longest Drive / Ladies (9th)           – Penny Walker


2’s Club;

Jerome Murden, Ian Ritchie, D. Horgreaves, R. Fisher, Jon Rennard, T. Cothay & Heather Hayward

Winter Open (December) Results:

1st – Keith Barnes, P. Holloway, K. Stanham & A. Langford   87 pts (Ashby Decoy Golf Club)

2nd – Alan Hague, Alistar Barron, Ian Johnson & Eddie Ruddock  86 pts (back 9 of 43 pts)

3rd – S. Green, S. Moore, S. Lonsdale & M. Clayton 86 pts


Nearest the pin (7th) – Keith Hudson                8 feet 2 inches

Ladies longest drive (9th) – Jackie Starkie

Men’s longest drive (10th) – Jason Oakley


2’s club; Keith Barnes, Mandie Poskitt, A. Houseman, Duncan Carmichael, Kevin Langthorne, Elaine Person.

Winter Open (November) Results:

1st Place – J. Rennard, M. McKenzie, D. Cothay & T. Banks = 90 pts (back 3 of 17 points) 

2nd Place – M. Jelic, K. Clayton, M. Robson & C. Nolan = 90 pts (back 6 of 30 points)

3rd Place – K. Barners, P. Holloway, S. Hague & S. Johnson = 90 pts


Nearest the Pin (7th– Paul Dixon        (0.55m) 

Longest Drive / Men’s (10th) – S Leatham

Longest Drive / Ladies (9th– Jackie Starkie


2’s Club; J. Rennard, C. Duggleby, D. Morgan, J. Brooke, S. Leatham, M. Hanit, T. Fozard, J. Oakley, R. Cambridge, P. Dixon, M. Clayton, W. Smith, B. Fielder, G. Cole, E. Pearson, J. Barraclough.

End Of Season Am/Am Results

1st – 95 pts – Jason Oakley, Steve Kelly, Graham Wood & Andy Raines – Driffield

2nd – 94 pts – M Jelic, M Robson, K Clayton & C Nolan – Hainsworth Park

3rd – 90pts – R Bissell, A Bissell, M Beckitt & G Tosney – Wakefield

Nearest the Pin on 7th – T Jenkinson
Ladies Longest Drive on 9th – J Lobb
Men’s Longest Drive on 10th – Duncan Carmichael

Seniors Open 2018 Results

1st place – D. Stokes & P. Batchelor (Boothferry)            47 pts         / back 9 – 24 pts

2nd place – D. Smith & P. Brown (Hornsea)                    47 pts         / back 9 – 22 pts

3rd place – M. Wood & A. Woodhead (Outlane)               47 pts         / back 9 – 21 pts

4th place – B. Collett & A. Bell (Outlane)                         46 pts         / after count-back

Longest drive (1st) – Jerome Murden (The Oaks)

Nearest the pin (7th) – Mike Bowker (The Oaks)              153cm

Nearest the pin in two (10th) – Graham. P. Smith           6.9m


Two’s – D. Stokes x2, T. Dann, D. Woodhead x2, J. Moore, P. Almond, R. Allan, C. Harper, P. Hodgson, M. Smith, C. McRobbie & K. Barnes

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